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I was a bit hesitant when encouraged to interact with a gigantic, spiked, helium-filled orb.  But punching and pushing the transparent balloon to, literally, leave my mark – in charcoal on the white walls, ceiling and floor of the exhibit - at the opening of the Zero1 Biennial was actually great fun!

But not until the creator of the kinetic sculpture, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, explained to me that the work, named “Ada,” was actually an analog interactive installation linked to both Lord Byron and Charles Babbage did I start to see the giant globe as living at the intersection of technology and art.

That is what Zero1’sSeeking Silicon Valley” is all about.  The Festival runs from September 14 through December 8 both online and at venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  Check out the solar phone booth at Gore Park, visit the Computer History Museum to learn about Google Doodles, enjoy live performances and public art, and be sure to go meet Ada at the Garage!

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