Recognizing the Power of Making a Lasting, Meaningful Difference

2010 Tech Awards Laureates with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, the recipient of this year’s Global Humanitarian Award.

The Tech Awards represent the single longest-standing forum for recognition of organizations that are actively creating a sustainable future building process. The quality of Laureates has consistently recognized role models who out shine the rigid, prescriptive formulas of conventional aid. Winners have in common a process that draws from an ever-expanding reference collection of preferred and likely ingredients which are blended together to meet local needs with locally empowered people. These results can be emulated and evolve on a global scale.

The impact of the Tech Awards is exponentially cumulative. The impact of the past 10 years has been to set the stage for creative approaches to improving the quality of life across ever more groups and cultures living in widely diverse circumstances. These examples are serving to establish an even broader platform, a toolkit showing people in one situation what other groups have been able to achieve if timing, budget, opportunity and commitment converge. A key notion emerges from the awards: One winning example is not the complete, final answer to all community development needs...but can be the solid first step, the catalyst and connector which enable delivery of some needed critical infrastructure or access to talent.

From my perspective, the Tech Awards are the single most significant contribution Applied Materials makes every year to community. We demonstrate our belief in the potential of people to be self-reliant and to build their own future. We provide visibility to viable, practical examples for all to see. We're not just people looking to make a donation and then be on our way. We’re looking to recognize the power of one individual or one small group in making a lasting, meaningful difference and in so doing, inspire others.

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