PV Champions

Photovoltaics World just published a special issue called “Champions of Photovoltaics” to honor a select group of advocates, technologists, investors and companies that have helped to make PV a viable clean energy source and the world’s fastest growing energy technology. Applied Materials is recognized in 3 of the 4 categories – for technology, as investors and as a company.

Recognized as one of the PV technology champions is Dr. Charlie Gay, and President of Applied Solar. A 35-year industry veteran, Gay has been a stalwart proponent and innovator for PV starting in the 1970s when PV first became recognized as a commercial power source. Today, Gay is responsible for Applied’s solar efforts with important stakeholders in the industry, technical community and governments around the world.

Investor champions are those that make a difference by continuing to invest in PV during these capital-constrained economic times. Chris Moran is one these champions as corporate vice president and general manager of Applied Ventures, Applied’s VC entity. Since 2006, Applied Ventures has raised more than $130 million to fund a variety of solar PV enterprises.

Companies and organizations saluted as champions spanned the gamut from NASCAR for installing a 3MW installation to power a track and 1, 000 homes to Applied as the global leader in both thin film and crystalline silicon manufacturing equipment.

To learn about the perspectives and work of these thought leaders, please check out Photovoltaics World's October 2010 special issue.

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