New Lithography Technologies Gain a Foothold

Historically, many of the developments in the semiconductor industry have stemmed from the continued progress in lithography. However, with the persistent uncertainty of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) for future-generation patterning, the industry has developed techniques such as self-alignment double patterning (SADP) to extend optical lithography. In a video produced by SPIETV, Chris Bencher of Applied Materials Office of the Chief Technology Officer, reviews the evolution of SADP and looks to its future.  He starts with SADP first being adopted for fabricating NAND flash memory products and explains why it is increasingly attractive for other applications. These include SADP for DRAM, logic 3D designs and for contact patterning at advanced design nodes. Lastly, Chris discusses the prospects of quad-patterning and nano-imprint, highlighting the innovativeness of the industry.

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