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FPD International
FPD International

L to R: World’s slimmest 42” LED LCD TV by LGD; Sharp’s I wall public information display;  71” 3-D LED TV by AUO

I am reporting on the last day of the  FPD International/Green Devices 2010 show and several new trends in flat panel displays are repeated around the exhibit hall.

Thin is in.  The LG Extreme slim LCD TV is an amazingly thin 1/8 inch and weighs under 9 lbs!  This is accomplished by edge lit LED with local dimming; full HD 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate provide an amazingly sharp picture with high contrast ratio.  The 73 watt power consumption is up to a 40% power savings over CCFL backlighting.  The extreme slim design requires a separate box with the tuner and other TV electronics.

Public information displays are another major theme of this year’s FPD International.  The Sharp Multi-screen display system pictured above is a 9 monitor display configuration with a very thin 6.5mm bezel between monitors providing a very unified look for advertising and public information display in a high definition; low energy consumption design with LED backlighting.

If you have not experienced video games or fast action movies in 3-D you are in for a treat; this can now be experienced at home.  AUO debuted the world’s largest 71” 240Hz Ultra wide 21:9, 3D LED TV.  Ultra wide 21:9 aspect ratio is a new “Cinema Scope” standard that allows movies to be formatted without letter boxing.  Most 3-D TVs are 3D-ready TV sets that can operate in 3-D mode with a set top box, LCD shutter glasses and a minimum of 120hz refresh, but 240hz will increase the quality of the experience.  Displaysearch estimates 3.2 million shipments of 3-D TVs in 2010 rising to over 90 million in 2014.  Adoption appears to be related to content availability, adoption of universal 3-D TV standards and the public’s tolerance for wearing viewing glasses.

All of these display innovations that have been reviewed in this blog posting require equipment from the AKT, the Display group of Applied Materials.  The future of Display at Applied is bright!

To learn more in depth details about product line-up visit our web site.

Sayonara this year’s FPD International show.

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