New Chipmaking Technology Makes Smarter Smartphones

Applied Centris AdvantEdge Mesa Etch
Applied Centris AdvantEdge Mesa Etch
Faster, smarter and greener than anything that’s gone before. There’s new technology that’s changing the way chips are made, enabling manufacturers to build processing powerhouses for the mobile devices of the future.

It’s becoming incredibly challenging for the industry to shrink chip features to continually deliver higher levels of performance and battery life. Of course, we’ve been saying that for years, but the semiconductor industry always finds a way to extend Moore’s Law, bending the laws of physics in our favor. Today, our customers are working on chips with transistors less than 20nm across: A million of them would fit into the area of the period at the end of this sentence.

Earlier this week Applied introduced a new era in microchip fabrication with its Applied Centris Etch. Thorsten Lill, Applied’s chief etch technologist, tells us how this new technology can create virtually identical nano-scale features with angstrom level precision, on over a million wafers per year:

If Applied were a car company, Mike Rice would be in charge of chassis development. Here’s Mike talking about the remarkable hardware that makes the Applied Centris system possible:

For a deeper dive into the innovations that power the new Centris system, listen to a podcast interview Thorsten gave to Solid State Technology’s Debra Vogler here. For a really, really deep dive, you can read technical papers on the underlying etch technology on the launch event page.

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