Modern Day Paul Revere Honored

Across the U.S. high school students are taught American history, and who can forget the famous midnight ride in 1775 of Paul Revere sounding the alarm off to early American colonists of British soldiers marching to their towns. Revere’s warning symbolizes the start of the American Revolutionary War.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book "The Tipping Point", extols the characteristics that Revere must have had in order for sleeping people in towns throughout Massachusetts to have heeded his calls. Revere must have been highly respected.

Every year for the past eight years, the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation has honored a collection of innovators who use their technology ideas and talents to benefit humanity.

Applied Materials, the presenting sponsor of the international awards program and proud sponsor of the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award, joins other sponsors in recognizing people from around the globe who have developed programs and products that are having a positive impact on the way people live.

This year on November 19, Al Gore, former U.S. vice president and Nobel Laureate, will be honored with the sixth James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award for his vision and leadership in the fight against global warming. By sounding the alarm about the potential devastation to humanity from climate change, in a sense, Al Gore is a modern day Paul Revere.

Revere's ride set in motion events that led to independence and the birth of a democratic republic. Now the question has become: will Al Gore’s warning similarly have a positive impact of global magnitude? Let's hope so.

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