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In his weekly editorial, New York Times columnist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Tom Friedman, discusses the "orchestration" leadership required to maximize U.S. competitiveness. In addition to describing the gap between the way C.E.O.’s in America and politicians look at the world, Friedman outlines ways America can thrive and compete in today’s world and quotes Applied Materials C.E.O., Mike Splinter. Below is a short excerpt of the article.

"Mike Splinter, the C.E.O. of Applied Materials, has put it to me this way: “Outsourcing was 10 years ago, where you’d say, ‘Let’s send some software generation overseas.’ This is not the outsourcing we’re doing today. This is just where I am going to get something done. Now you say, ‘Hey, half my Ph.D.’s in my R-and-D department would rather live in Singapore, Taiwan or China because their hometown is there and they can go there and still work for my company.’ This is the next evolution.” He has many more choices."

To access the full article visit The New York Times’ web site.

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