IEEE Spectrum Article: The Quest for a Universal Memory

Below is a short excerpt of an article I submitted to IEEE Spectrum that looks at the emerging memory technologies being considered to help smartphones and tablets meet the demand for more energy efficient data storage. To access the complete article, visit the IEEE Spectrum web site.

"Our smartphones and ultrathin laptops rely on a triumvirate of memory technologies—SRAM, DRAM, and flash—each customized for a specific purpose. They’ve all been fabulous workhorses, but now these memories are struggling to keep up with the steady demand for chips that are faster, cheaper, more reliable, and more energy efficient.

Industry watchers expect the most-advanced memory makers to hit a wall around 2015. So the question is: what comes next? Will we always be saddled with a complex hierarchy of different kinds of memory? Or is it possible we just might find the memory industry’s version of a cure-all—a single, universal memory format that can provide high-density storage, low-power operation, and unparalleled speed?"

Next week, Applied Materials is sponsoring a panel discussion at the 2012 IEEE International Memory Workshop in Milan, where we’ll explore an array of alternatives to pick the highest-performing, most extendible and most manufacturable new memory technology. If you have a window in your schedule, why not hop on a plane and join us? Milan is lovely at this time of year.

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