Three Words Mark the Spot

what3words, one of 25 finalists for the 2015 Tech Awards, a global program honoring technologists who are benefiting humanity.

 Young. Bossy. Poker.

Those three words identify the address of Applied Materials’ corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California according to what3words - one of 25 innovators named as finalists for the 2015 Tech Awards – a global program honoring technologists who are benefiting humanity.

For the four billion people around the world who lack adequate addresses, it is difficult to get deliveries, receive aid or use systems that could contribute to their improved livelihood – including education, government programs, and work opportunities. But now, thanks to what3words, everyone – and everywhere – has an address. 

Through the creation of a global grid of 57 trillion squares, each  assigned a simple 3 word address, humanitarian assistance can more easily and quickly reach intended recipients anywhere in the world. The system also provides benefits for travel, navigation, and business – in the developed and developing worlds. 

What is your 3 word address?  Plot it on an interactive map and learn more about this year’s Tech Laureates who are addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems including access to health, equality in education and preservation of the environment. 

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