Clinton Global Initiative: Solving Global Problems through Innovation

In India, approximately 30% of the country's population - or 300 million people - do not have access to a dependable source of electricity. While solar power can be an excellent solution, barriers still exist for people living in impoverished communities. Most significant are the lack of end-user financing and the absence of reliable service and maintenance of the solar equipment.

At the recent Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, the Applied Materials Foundaton announced its plan to partner with SELCO and the Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund - or S3IDF - to address these problems in our Commitment to electrify villages and schools in India. Like many of the 160 other Commitments made at the meeting, our project seeks to create innovatve solutions to problems faced by underserved people around the world.

SELCO and S3IDF are working to design flexible financing plans that are responsive to the needs and cash flow challenges of low-income customers. At the same time they are increasing customer confidence by guaranteeing post-sale servicing and maintenance of solar energy products.

The project is on track to provide lighting to 1,100 households and both electrification and educational equipment to ten schools - efforts that will directly impact an estimated 6,100 people. The Commitment includes a robust measurement and assessment component we hope will give us a better understanding of how access to reliable solar energy improves the way people live, work and learn.

We look forward to sharing the results with other organizations and communities interested in expanding access to clean energy in India and other regions that can benefit.

For more information about this Commitment and others, visit the Clinton Global Initiative.

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