James Moyne

James served as a Standards and Technology Specialist for the Applied Global Services Group. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan where he is an Associate Research Professor.
Improving cSi Manufacturing with Automation Software

Improving cSi Manufacturing with Automation Software

Since SmartFactory launched earlier this year, I thought I’d take the time to discuss what we’ve been hearing about the software.Applied Materials’ SmartFactory is an MES software solution tailored to the unique needs of crystalline silicon (cSi) manufacturing and thus represents an opportunity to achieve significant improvements in quality of product and operations without costly investment in hardware systems.
Applied Materials

Automation Software: Key to Moving Solar Manufacturing Forward

The solar manufacturing industry is facing more pressure for a technology ramp-up than any other semiconductor-related industry at this time. This ramp-up is taking place in an environment where economic conditions force a major focus on cost savings and rapid return-on-investment.Luckily, the solar industry has many similarities to the more mature LCD flat panel display and integrated circuit industries —enabling us to leverage innovation and solutions from these sister industries.