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Pinto Weighs in on Solar Around the World

From the National Energy Summit and International Dialogue in Washington, D.C., Mark Pinto, Chief Technology Officer for Applied Materials discusses with Clean Skies News’ Tyler Suiters, the global solar industry in markets including Germany, Spain, Italy, France and China, as well as the investment tax credit (ITC) and how the tax code affects the economics of solar in the United States.
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Not All Energy is Created Equal

There are many misconceptions about solar energy; the most prevalent is probably cost. In part, this is because people aren’t aware of how much solar technology has progressed in recent years, but it’s also because many people don’t understand what makes up their monthly energy bill.
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Green Jobs – Technology Paves the Way

With economies around the world struggling with recession, many policymakers are looking for the “next big thing” that can spark recovery, economic expansion and job growth. At the same time, governments are grappling with proposed solutions to the climate crisis. The quick answer to these issues is to promote “green jobs”, but successfully building the infrastructure to make the clean tech sector a tangible part of the economy is a complex challenge.
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Solar Decathletes Headed to Washington, D.C.

Applied Materials has sponsored the 2009 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, but is also lending its technical and monetary support to two California schools that teamed together for this year’s contest, Santa Clara University and the California College of the Arts. Their entry, Refract House, is a “zero-energy” house that will compete in a number of challenges on the National Mall in October.