First SunFab User Group Meets

The solar team kicked off the week at the Solar Power Conference by hosting a photovoltaic (PV) Systems User Group workshop with our SunFab customers. Held the day ahead of the Solar Power conference, based on feedback it was a total success!

Our goal for the workshop was to bring SunFab customers together to provide details on our efforts to further solidify the SunFab 5.7 m2 panels as the industry standard. The workshop included updates on our shipping designs, modeling, PV predictive performance modeling, and structural, mechanical, and electrical systems design.

Customers, including executives from Moser Baer, Signet Solar, SunFilm, Good Energies, ENN and Masdar, along with our US and European sales and our downstream technical experts attended and joined in the discussions.

The full agenda of presentations prompted interactive and productive conversations. Of particular interest was the performance predictive modeling and value proposition for the SunFab modules. For example, our product team demonstrated how the SunFab panels hold a higher value relative to other solar PV technologies, and shared assessments from several third party experts, including the CTO of one of the leading solar integrators, which supports our analyses.

Dr. Leo Casey, chief technical officer for SatCon — a well known figure in the industry — presented his view on the development of utility scale solar. Dr. Casey also highlighted a new technology to improve the overall system energy harvest by using DC optimizers at a string level. Blair Swezey rounded out the event by providing an update on U.S. Federal and State Policy for solar PV.

Overall, everyone was pleased with this first PV Systems User Group workshop. We have made great progress with our development work and customers’ response to those accomplishments were encouraging. There was agreement among all participants that the meeting was valuable and they look forward to future meetings.

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