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Addressing the Ever Elusive Issue of Energy Storage

I woke up last night to the sound of various electronic devices in my house resetting themselves — after yet another brief power outage. I don’t live on the fringes of civilization — downtown San Francisco is only a short drive away — but I’ve heard from a long-time resident that our local substation is especially finicky and we’ve been having a spat of nasty storms lately, which doesn’t help the situation. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for energy storage.
Applied Materials

Let There be Light

EE Times published an excellent, in-depth overview of the Light Emitting Diode (LED) industry in the September 21 Special Edition. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the fast growing LED market. This survey article is unique in that it is only available in the EE Times on-line reader format so you must click on the link when connected to the internet.