A Day Made of Glass

Earlier this week I gave the keynote speech at the Emerging Display Technologies Conference in San Jose, Calif. and discussed the five waves of demand for the display industry and where we’ll be headed in the near future.

The first wave of demand for the display industry started in 1990 with digital clocks, immediately following were laptop computers. The second wave started with the increase in demand for desktop monitors and flat screens. The third wave was the explosion in the flat panel TV market and the fourth wave (which we’ve previously discussed on the blog) began with smartphones and tablets. During this time period the display market grew from $1 billion a year to $100 billion with LCD TVs accounting for nearly $50 billion.

The fifth wave of demand for displays will be for large, interactive billboards or outdoor displays as well as flexible, more portable 3D TV screens integrated with active matrix organic light emitting displays (AMOLED), similar to what you might have seen in the movie, Minority Report. We’ll discuss AMOLEDs in more detail in future posts.

To give you an idea of what the future world of displays could look like watch this Corning video, which depicts a world in which interactive glass surfaces help you stay connected through seamless delivery of real-time information – whether you’re working, shopping, eating, or relaxing.

Video courtesy of Corning Incorporated @Corning

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