Companies Focus On Sharpening Tablet Screens

Dow Jones recently reported on the future of tablet and smartphone displays. As the leading equipment supplier to the display industry, Applied Materials was called on to lend comment to the trends and technologies that will be driving the industry in the coming years.

Applied’s general manager of display, Tom Edman was quoted in an industry round-up discussing the displays of these devices and what consumers could expect in the next round of product entries and refreshes.

The summary points of the article include:

  • Tablet screen technology has lagged smartphones, but companies are working on enhancements expected to hit the market in the next year
  • Many are targeting brighter and sharper screens, better power consumption and thinner form factors
  • LCD technology has been mainstream and is expected to continue dominating the market, but companies are exploring newer technologies such as OLED, PenTile and mirasol
  • Glass makers also are working to prevent fingerprints and glare and include textures.

As mentioned before on this blog and through other media reports, Applied sees the display industry in the Fourth Wave of technologies. And, as this Fourth Wave in the display industry continues, not only will new technologies continue to scale, but future display applications will become available. This is definitely an exciting time for the industry.  

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