Sundar Ramamurthy, Ph.D.

Dr. Sundar Ramamurthy is responsible for Applied’s business in wafer-level packaging, specialty semiconductors and epitaxy markets. In his role, Sundar leads an integrated team across the company to fuel growth in some of the fastest growing markets in the semiconductor industry. He has led teams that commercialized 20+ new products to solve critical transistor and interconnect scaling challenges by introducing new materials and interface engineering solutions into volume manufacturing. Sundar holds a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from the University of Minnesota. He has more than 30 patents granted or pending. Sundar is also an active mentor with the Miller Center in Santa Clara University for accelerating social enterprises.

The Fourth Era of Computing Needs More than Advanced Logic and Memory Chips

At the Applied Materials Master Class today, we highlight two fast-growing and highly enabling areas of the semiconductor industry. “ICAPS” silicon powers billions of new devices on the edge—including electric vehicles. No longer an afterthought, packaging now enables the benefits associated with Moore’s Law to continue even as 2D scaling slows. Today’s class demonstrates that the AI Era requires innovation across a wide range of technologies, from the edge to the cloud.
Applied Materials

Rapid Thermal Processing: Hot Stuff for Cool Chips

Our announcement that we’ve recently shipped our 500th Applied Vantage® rapid thermal processing (RTP) system started me thinking about the contribution RTP has made to chip technology over the years.From furnaces to lamps and now lasers, thermal processing has evolved along with the industry, allowing chipmakers to squeeze a billion transistors on a fingernail-sized fragment of silicon.