Anand Kamannavar

Anand Kamannavar is the global head of Applied Ventures. In this role, he oversees Applied’s >$300M global venture investment portfolio of 80+ companies across 15 countries.

He has over two decades of experience in technology, new business development and venture capital, with successful venture exits in Enphase (NASDAQ: ENPH), Adesto (NASDAQ:IOTS) and Voltaix, and a focus on identifying and leading investments in companies from “materials to systems” including semiconductors, AI/ML, materials, sensors, Industry 4.0, next-generation displays, optics, life sciences and other high-growth markets. He currently serves as a board member or observer in eXo Imaging, Ultivue, Solid Energy and Ontera.

Prior to his career in venture capital and new business development, Anand held various engineering and business development roles with Hewlett-Packard's server group where he was awarded key U.S. patents. He received an MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in electrical and electronics engineering.

Microinverter Pioneer Enphase Energy Goes IPO – Disrupting Solar!

Microinverter Pioneer Enphase Energy Goes IPO – Disrupting Solar!

The solar market has grown far beyond what most analysts had predicted even 5-10 years ago, and Applied Materials has played a key role in driving down the costs of solar modules by helping to improve efficiencies and through advances in solar cell manufacturing technology.However, while falling module prices have made solar somewhat more affordable, the net system installed cost is still very high, especially in the residential and commercial markets. As anyone who has tried installing a solar system on their rooftop knows, the final, installed price is still high, largely because of the balance of system (BOS) – all the upfront costs associated with a photovoltaic system except the module* – hasn’t declined at the same rate as the modules prices. If we could lower the BOS cost, we believe a great deal of pent-up demand could be unleashed.