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Most Valuable Coordinator: Nancy Nielsen of Applied Materials

Special Blog Post By: Alisa Tantraphol, Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager, Second Harvest Food Bank. Anyone else stepping into the role of Food & Fund Drive Coordinator at Applied Materials would have found it daunting to inherit a drive that raised more than $850,000 for Second Harvest last year. Luckily, Nancy Nielsen is no stranger to corporate philanthropy. In addition to a wealth of experience from places like Harvard, the New York Times, and McKinsey & Co., her impressive resume includes seven years as the Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility at Pfizer. Last August, Applied Materials hired Nancy to manage community involvement activities for Global Community Affairs. Less than six months into her role at Applied, Nancy has already proven herself as one of the hardest working food & fund drive coordinators toiling on behalf of the nearly quarter of a million clients relying on Second Harvest for food every month.
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Davos Recap: The Innovation Economy – How Nations Can Embrace the Challenges and Capitalize on Opportunities

At the 42nd World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Applied Materials hosted an intimate panel discussion on ‘The Innovation Economy – How Nations Can Embrace the Challenges and Capitalize on Opportunities.’ On the panel were Mike Splinter, Chairman and CEO of Applied Materials, Susan Hockfield, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Tom Friedman, New York Times columnist. The discussion centered on several key points including how emerging technologies, government policies and education are changing the way we live and reshaping the global economy – and what it takes for the U.S. to be competitive in today’s world. The panel discussion was moderated by Poppy Harlow, anchor.View video recordings of the panel discussion on our 'Innovation Economy' web site.
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Made in the World

In his weekly editorial, New York Times columnist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Tom Friedman, discusses the "orchestration" leadership required to maximize U.S. competitiveness. In addition to describing the gap between the way C.E.O.’s in America and politicians look at the world, Friedman outlines ways America can thrive and compete in today’s world and quotes Applied Materials C.E.O., Mike Splinter. Below is a short excerpt of the article."Mike Splinter, the C.E.O. of Applied Materials, has put it to me this way: “Outsourcing was 10 years ago, where you’d say, ‘Let’s send some software generation overseas.’ This is not the outsourcing we’re doing today. This is just where I am going to get something done. Now you say, ‘Hey, half my Ph.D.’s in my R-and-D department would rather live in Singapore, Taiwan or China because their hometown is there and they can go there and still work for my company.’ This is the next evolution.” He has many more choices."To access the full article visit The New York Times’ web site.
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Mark Pinto Discusses China's Focus on Renewable Energy

Mark Pinto, executive vice president and general manager of Applied's Energy and Environmental Solutions group, participated in a panel discussion on the growth of China's renewable energy industry during the 2011 ECO:nomics Conference in Santa Barbara, Calif.  The panel was hosted by the Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray.  Check out a write up of the discussion as well as video excerpts on the