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Applied Materials

Addressing the Ever Elusive Issue of Energy Storage

I woke up last night to the sound of various electronic devices in my house resetting themselves — after yet another brief power outage. I don’t live on the fringes of civilization — downtown San Francisco is only a short drive away — but I’ve heard from a long-time resident that our local substation is especially finicky and we’ve been having a spat of nasty storms lately, which doesn’t help the situation. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for energy storage.
Applied Materials

Green Jobs – Technology Paves the Way

With economies around the world struggling with recession, many policymakers are looking for the “next big thing” that can spark recovery, economic expansion and job growth. At the same time, governments are grappling with proposed solutions to the climate crisis. The quick answer to these issues is to promote “green jobs”, but successfully building the infrastructure to make the clean tech sector a tangible part of the economy is a complex challenge.