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Getting More from Your Fab with Predictive Scheduling

Chipmaking is arguably the most complex manufacturing operation in human history. To illustrate this: A modern megafab – one that processes over a million wafers a year – contains hundreds of individual machines and turns out billions of finished chips a year It can take over 750 individual process steps to make a modern microprocessor The number of different types of chips being made simultaneously is growing while adding more layers to each one. As technology continues to progress the size of the chips are shrinking and manufacturing constraints are increasing How is this complexity handled? By computers, of course, using a similarly complex piece of software called a manufacturing execution system (MES) which keeps track of every machine and every wafer in the fab. At Applied Materials, we’ve taken software automation to the next level. Our SmartSched software doesn’t just react to changing fab conditions; it peers into the future. This video shows how it works.
Applied Materials

2010 Crystalline Solar Predictions

My unofficial 2010 Solar Predictions. Before we start, an author’s safe harbor statement: these predictions are necessarily forward-looking statements and, since the future can be temperamental, any prediction that does not exactly match can and will be graciously excused.