sparse sampling on a wafer

Innovations in eBeam Metrology Enable a New Playbook for Patterning Control

The patterning challenges of today’s most advanced logic and memory chips can be solved with a new playbook that takes the industry from optical target-based approximation to actual, on-device measurements; limited statistical sampling to massive, across-wafer sampling; and single-layer patterning control to integrative multi-layer control. Applied’s new PROVision® 3E system is designed to enable this new playbook.

Breakthrough in Metrology Needed for Patterning Advanced Logic and Memory Chips

As the semiconductor industry increasingly moves from simple 2D chip designs to complex 3D designs based on multipatterning and EUV, patterning control has reached an inflection point. The optical overlay tools and techniques the semiconductor industry traditionally used to reduce errors are simply not precise enough for today’s leading-edge logic and memory chips.
Applied Explains: Photomask Technology for the EUV Era

Applied Explains: Photomask Technology for the EUV Era

Photomasks, as regular readers of this blog may recall, are the blueprints used for making chips. The photolithography process prints the patterns etched on the mask onto silicon wafers to define transistors, memory cells and wiring – all the nanoscale structures that make up a functional device.Lithography is expected to undergo a seismic shift over the next few years as the industry adopts a new technology called extreme ultraviolet lithography, or EUV for short. This change requires a new generation of photomasks featuring new materials and operating principles.