Big Ways to Make Sure America is the Big Player in Clean Technology

At Applied Materials, “we do big things” transforming innovation into industries and we applaud President Obama’s list of the “big things” we need to move our nation forward. With additional research and incentives for innovation, the U.S. can maintain our leadership position and continue to push and inspire the world to develop and adopt new clean technology.

Innovation in America is not over. Applied Materials is committed to continued research and development here in the U.S., including our semiconductor facility in California which is a global center of excellence. And we’re not alone. We’re proud to stand with companies like Intel who are building technology manufacturing plants in the U.S. Applied’s innovative Xi'an solar research center was also referenced by the President as the largest in the world. But, as Obama said during his State of the Union address, the current hour is our “Sputnik” moment. What we do now will define industries that rely on innovation in the years to come. So we need to make sure we’re creating the right policies now to drive tomorrow’s innovation.

Yet, just as we did with our space program, we need to think and act in a big way. We need to develop creative technological solutions for our energy issues, give a boost to American innovators, and reinstate American competitiveness in clean energy development. This is a turning point for America and we need to continue to inspire as we tackle new challenges.

In order to meet these challenges education is crucial, as Obama noted last night. America’s youth is the next generation of innovators who will drive our economy forward. Applied Materials is committed to helping foster math and science education that leads to new, big ideas and clean technology. Through programs like the Solar Decathlon and further collaboration among governments, the private sector and the academic community, Applied Materials is helping to pave the way for the widespread use of clean technology.

Last night, Obama set forth a new goal: by 2035, 80% of America's electricity will come from clean energy sources. As a leader in clean technology solutions, Applied Materials applauds this goal and wants to help make it a reality. However, to do so we must put forth big policy initiatives with long term goals. In order for innovation to persevere in the long term and for companies to be able to make long term investments, they must be able to count on policies that will be in place for years to come. Renewable energy policy incentives can foster this development and boost domestic manufacturing, including tax credits, grant programs, a federal renewable electricity standard and low-cost, reliable, long-term financing. By turning these big ideas into practical policy, we can grow an industry that can sustain America’s energy needs, bolster the economy, and pave the way for big things to come in the generations ahead.

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