Beyond 22nm: Applied Materials, the unsung hero of Silicon Valley

ExtremeTech’s Sebastian Anthony, details Applied Materials’ role in the semiconductor industry and describes the company as the unsung hero of Silicon Valley that has been guiding the leading edge of CMOS processing since before Intel released its 4004 CPU in 1971. Quoted in the story is Applied Materials’ chief technology officer for silicon, Klaus Scheugraf. Visit ExtremeTech’s web site to access the full story or read the following short excerpt.

In the shadow of major semiconductor manufacturers, a little-known but crucial company called Applied Materials has plied its trade for almost 45 years. Inside every Intel, GlobalFoundries, and TMSC silicon chip foundry, there are Applied Materials machines performing some of the finest handiwork known to man. It isn’t just chips, either: Applied provide the systems that enable Samsung and LG to make LCD displays, and Suntech and JA Solar to create photovoltaic solar power cells. Basically, if a company deals in silicon wafers, it’s almost guaranteed that Applied Materials equipment governs most or all of the fabrication process.

“The vast majority of chips in operation today have been through an Applied’s machine at least once. This includes memory, logic and other types of chips produced by integrated device manufacturers and foundries,” CTO Klaus Scheugraf told us in an interview.

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