Applied Technology "on Display" in Wired UK magazine

If you've ever wondered where TV screens are born, then look no further - the answer is Applied Materials! The January issue of Wired UK magazine showcases Applied’s display technology and how it makes a flat panel LCD display.  The issue is also available in Wired UK’s iPad edition, which can be found on Apple’s Newsstand store and features a video tour of Applied’s factory in Taiwan (also shown above).

Applied AKT-PiVot 55KV PVD
Applied AKT-PiVot 55KV PVD

Appropriately titled, “Where TV Screens Are Born,” the piece calls out Applied’s status as the leading equipment manufacturer of integrated circuits (ICs) and screen technology for television screens, tablets and smartphones, and highlights Applied’s monstrous AKT-PiVot flat-panel system and the various process steps within the machine that add layers of conductive material to glass sheets.  These sheets ultimately become the circuitry for LCD screens in flat panel displays.

“Almost every LCD Panel made comes through one of our systems,” states John Busch, General Manager of Applied’s Display PVD Group in the article. “For TVs, that’s a couple of hundred million dollars a year – with mobile phones it’s more than a billion.”

Visit Applied’s blog regularly to learn more about Applied's touch panel technology and for more display blog posts.

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