Applied Recognized for Energy-Efficient Data Storage System

Applied Recognized for Energy-Efficient Data Storage System

Last month, Applied was recognized as a finalist in the Computerworld Storage Networking awards for a green IT project that reduced the cost and improved the performance of one of our data storage environments.

Mission-critical applications, those systems deemed absolutely necessary to run a business, have to be stored in a reliable IT environment. For the past several years, Applied hosted these applications at a third-party data center. When our lease came up for renewal, we wanted a new system that would cost less and use less energy, while providing more performance.

In non-technical terms, we configured and implemented a new storage system that increased the available capacity with fewer and faster drives (components ) and allowed us to intelligently and dynamically move applications to the quickest (and less energy-consuming) storage/memory environment as needed.

These changes meant we needed fewer energy-consuming storage drives overall and fewer of the most advanced drives (and most energy consuming) specifically. The results were dramatic. We lowered our cost of ownership by 66% per year. We reduced our drive count by 50% and the size of our data center by 40%. These changes led to a greater than 60% (9 kilovolt-amps) reduction in power consumption.

This was a great accomplishment for the team. We felt like we had proposed a creative, elegant solution and were delighted when we saw the results. This is just one small example of how IT can reduce energy consumption. For others, visit Applied’s 2009 Citizenship Report.

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