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Applied Materials Awarded Sustainable Technologies Award

Achieving sustainable manufacturing is a critical goal for leading technology companies driven by growing concerns about the environmental impact of their businesses and by increasingly stringent government regulations and reporting requirements. Product sustainability extends not only to their operations, but also to the products that they manufacture.At Applied Materials we design our products with the environment in mind. Our goal is to make our products at least 20% more energy efficient and environmentally friendly by 2010 and we’re making great progress.
Overcoming High Brightness LED Manufacturing Challenges

Overcoming High Brightness LED Manufacturing Challenges

On the 100th anniversary of Edison’s tungsten bulb, alternative lighting methods that use less energy and reduce pollution are gaining ground. Fluorescent (FL) or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs save energy but also have drawbacks such as unnatural color that may not be pleasing to the eye or in the case of CFL bulbs in particular, they may not fit in recessed lighting fixtures. And perhaps the most important issue, both FL and CFL bulbs contain mercury, requiring special handling for bulb disposal after use.On the horizon is a promising new technology, Light Emitting Diode (LED) devices that can provide a good replacement.