Revolutionizing Etch Capabilities for Next-Generation Patterning and Device Fabrication

As I noted in my previous blog posts, Leading Edge of Moore’s Law Demands New Etch Capabilities and Fabricating Advanced-Node Multi-Patterning Schemes Demands Unprecedented Selectivity, complex patterning schemes, smaller spaces, more fragile features, higher aspect ratios, and risk of material damage at leading-edge nodes require higher selectivity, greater precision,  and gentler removal than can be achieved using traditional wet and RIE etch methods. 
To meet these needs, we developed the new Producer® Selectra™ Etch system whose breakthrough dry process delivers extreme materials selectivity and atomic-level etch precision to the smallest spaces for a wide variety of dielectric, metal, and semiconductor films. It is unique in its selectivity between oxide materials of differing densities, a pivotal development in extending the scalability of planar NAND memory and next generation DRAM devices. 
The system’s gentle, radical-based, isotropic process avoids the risk of damage to sensitive exposed materials. These attributes are essential for today’s multi-patterning schemes (Fig. 1), FinFET, 3D NAND, and advanced DRAM (see animations). They will also be instrumental in expanding the range of options for advancing Moore’s Law through new architectures, materials, and integration schemes in future generations.
Fig.1. The Selectra Etch system completely removes silicon mandrels without deformation or spacer loss, leaving a clean structure ready to pattern the next layer.
View animations highlighting this technology and learn more about this system on our website.

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