50 Years Young

50 Years Young

November 10, 1967. In Santa Clara County—where orchards still cover much of the land, and the term “Silicon Valley” does not yet exist—Mike McNeilly launches a new company called Applied Materials Technology. For the company’s first three months, McNeilly is its only employee.
Fast-forward 50 years.
November 10, 2017. Applied Materials, Inc. is the world’s number one semiconductor and display equipment company. Virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world is manufactured using our equipment. We play a critical role in enabling today’s digital world—from the smartphone in your hand, to the networks it connects to; from the computer you work with, to the television screens you watch.
As we celebrate Applied’s 50th anniversary, we are focused on the next 50 years—and beyond. The Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence are creating a new era of computing, and Applied is at the foundation. We have tremendous momentum from a period of record revenue and profit, and we are pushing forward with the materials engineering solutions that make possible the technology shaping the future.
We invite you to watch the video to experience our journey through our first five decades. And we encourage you to learn more about Applied’s relentless drive for innovation and our commitment to sustainable business practices, as a truly global company with 82 locations in 17 countries.
Knowing your past is important, but knowing where you are headed—and how to get there—is even better.
Here’s to the next 50. The future is now.

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