The Latest in Displays at FPD Int'l 2013


Applied Materials AKT Display group recently completed its participation at FPD International 2013 in Pacifico Yokohama and among the highlights of the largest display trade show in Japan were advanced high resolution solutions for mobility and televisions.

Japan Display Inc. demonstrated a 5.4 inch smart phone with the world's highest resolution, 543 pixels per inch (ppi). The display is powered with a low temperature polysilicon backplane enabling low power consumption as well as vivid imagery. You can check out my previous blog post titled, "Enabling Ultra-High Resolution, Low Power Displays" to see the latest trends to higher resolution smart phones. Sharp also demonstrated their 85" naked-eye 3D TV. For the more technically inclined readers, this TV achieves 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320 pixels) utilizing a metal oxide transistor based backplane. This particular 3D technology developed by Philips allows for glasses free 3D viewing from multiple viewpoints dramatically improving the quality of the 3D viewing experience.

Below are a few photos from the show.

At FPD Int’l 2013, Japan Display Inc. demonstrated the world’s highest resolution smart phone at 543 pixels per inch.

Sharp’s cutting-edge 85” 8k4k naked-eye 3D TV as demonstrated at FPD Int’l 2013.

Applied’s ID Kang (center), Corporate VP, GM Display Global Sales participated in FPD Int’l 20th anniversary opening ceremony.

Metal Oxide and Touch Solutions - Applied Materials AKT Display Group’s focus at FPD Int’l 2013.

The three-day conference made for a busy week with a variety of meetings with customers and members of the Japanese press in which general managers discussed our metal oxide and touch solutions for enabling metal oxide based backplanes for high resolution tablet, smart phone and Ultra definition TVs. ExtremeTech's Joel Hruska did a nice job explaining our technology in his article titled, "The new manufacturing tech that will bring high-resolution displays to every device."

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