Andrea Moretto

Served as the global product manager for Applied Materials Baccini Cell Systems.
Advanced Solar Cells Boost Efficiencies and Lower Costs

Advanced Solar Cells Boost Efficiencies and Lower Costs

Cell manufacturers worldwide, are in the process of transitioning to advanced cell structures in order to boost cell efficiencies and drive down the cost per watt. The photovoltaic (PV) learning curve has traditionally seen a 20% decline in module prices for every doubling of total installed modules. While this rate of reduction has primarily been driven by scale, we are now at a point where cell efficiency will become crucial in accelerating cost reduction.
Applied Materials

Ordering Up Esatto

Applied Baccini Esatto Technology is seeing excellent traction across the globe. Customers around the world relay testimonials that Esatto is a recipe for success in developing next generation processes for higher efficiency solar cells.Esatto is a combination of hardware, software, qualified consumables and production proven processes that offers customers a low risk, production ready way to improve cell efficiency while maintaining and even lowering cost. Through Esatto Technology, Applied Baccini enables customers to conveniently and quickly enhance the efficiency of the c-Si solar cells produced by their exiting lines or future new installed lines.