Applied in the News: Crazy about Displays


Applied Materials' display technology is the talk of the town in the news this week.   Wired Magazine's May 2011 issue includes an article titled, "How Flatscreen TVs Get Cheaper," which breaks down the science behind flat-panel LCD displays and how Applied Materials' machines print arrays of circuits on sheets of glass and then slice them into screens "like high tech brownies."

The magazine goes on to say that as the machine generation sizes have increased over the years, TV prices have gone down as a result.  Similarly, organic LED display screens, which are even brighter and more energy-efficient than LCDs, will also go down in cost as the technology scales - due to Applied Materials' nanomanufacturing expertise.

Applied Materials' AKT-Aristo Twin PVD











Gadget blog also highlights the company's display technology in its Monster Machines section in a blog titled, "The Machine Behind the Touchscreens." Gizmodo calls out Applied Materials' AKT-Aristo Twin PVD touch panel manufacturing equipment, which is behind the touch screen technology in today's tablet computers.  Applied's technology is enabling faster production and more supply, ultimately leading to cheaper panels and cheaper gadgets.

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